Bunion Treatment

Bunion Treatment

Delay the progression of bunions and relieve pain!

BioPed of Barrie, Ontario offers bunion treatments

A bunion is a progressive condition that is associated with the big toe. The condition develops gradually due to instability during gait and the characteristic bump along the joint can become progressively bigger, red, swollen and tender. The bump is a result of gradual dislocation of the joint. In severe cases the big toe may overlap the 2nd toe.

Bunions may occur for a variety of reasons. There may be a hereditary component due to the shape of your bones and the insertions of muscles and the biomechanics of the foot. In other cases bunions can be due to poor fitting footwear, associated with rheumatoid arthritis, ligamentous laxity, neuromuscular diseases, over-pronated foot profile, trauma, or other diseases.

In the early development of a bunion, it may be treated with splints, toe spacers, and custom foot orthotics and proper fitting footwear can be used to slow down the progression of the bunion. All bunions are permanent unless surgically corrected. However, there are some measures you can take to be more comfortable or to slow a bunions progression.

Conservative treatments cannot fix what has already occurred, but they can delay the progression of a bunion. In advanced cases, surgical intervention may be required to help restore normal function.

For more information on bunion treatments, please call BioPed in Barrie, Ontario today!

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