Wart Removal

Wart Removal

Treat your wart before your condition worsens!

BioPed of Barrie, Ontario offers wart removal services

A wart is a virus that can affect anyone in the right conditions. Warts can be found in moist, warm environments and are transmitted through breaks in the skin. There are various strains of the virus, some are more virulent than others and can look different. The virus invades the outermost layer of the skin cells causing the skin cells to reproduce at a faster rate causing the affected skin to look thick, rough with defined borders. There are also black dots that may be present, these are not the roots, but capillaries the wart has taken over in to survive in the skin.

Just like any virus, our immune system acts to try and kill the wart. However, sometimes our immune system may not be successful alone in treating the wart. If the wart becomes larger in size, spreads to other areas on the foot or becomes painful it should be treated right away. The greater the period of time with a wart, the more time may be needed in order to successfully treat the wart.

BioPed can provide wart removal services, with varying treatments depending on the type of wart. For children, plaster or a salicylic acid gel solution can be applied to the wart to begin a removal process. Alternatively, older children and adults can have a cryotherapy treatment using liquid nitrogen, which is the most typical treatment. For more stubborn warts, laser treatment or Electrosurgery may be needed.

Whatever your situation, the certified staff at BioPed will assess your wart and come up with an effective treatment plan with you.

For more information on our wart removal services, please contact the friendly staff at BioPed in Barrie, Ontario.

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